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Music and Arts Classes in Boston


"Let's spend some quality fun together"

About us

The Apollo School of Music and Arts is known to draw Boston’s best and brightest instructors.

Our instructors are trained professionals with the education to back it up. Not only that, they are passionate about their art and about teaching our students about it.


Our teachers at Apollo School of Music have a passion for teaching a diverse pool of students. From kids with budding talents to full-functioning adults and seniors. Everyone is welcome to find their passion and enjoy music and art classes.


Our Mission is to create a safe space for people to express their creativity. We aim to inspire young, creative minds in Boston and all across the globe.


Apollo School of Music and Arts is one of Boston's finest schools. Students of all ages are free to express their individuality in a safe and nurturing environment.


Unlike most music and art schools, we welcome toddlers to seniors. We make sure we attend to every student's needs. From low-priced instruments to a state of the art facilities, our goal is to make our students happy.


We also provide a comprehensive lesson plan that helps learners of all levels. Our goal is to make learning fun for everybody and help them unleash their talents and make the best of them.

Students of all ages are welcome to learn to play instruments, practice their singing, and hone their artistic skills. Our crew ensures our students are getting the best out of our workshop and making sure there are no students left behind.

Music and Arts Lesson In Boston

Music Classes and Art Classes in Boston

Our Mission


The growing passion of children for arts and music should not be neglected. They have the right to hone their creativity and let their imagination run free for their self-growth.


At Apollo School of Music and Arts, we take pride in our art and music classes to help our students strive to be the best they can be, becoming the artists and musicians they aspire to be.


Our programs



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The Apollo School of Music and Arts offers top-of-the-line music degree programs in Boston Here, our instructors will nurture students to help them reach their full musical potential.


Our instructors are well educated in teaching students of all ages and levels.

We offer comprehensive music lessons and a safe space where students and teachers can enjoy popular music together.


 The Apollo School of Music and Arts offers either in-person or online art classes, including music classes. Rest assured that you will receive the same top-quality instruction no matter what you choose.



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The Apollo School of Music and Arts hopes to kindle and nurture every student's passion's artistic instinct.


Our knowledgeable teachers will guide you throughout the lessons and ensures that everyone is on the same page. Here we have drawing, painting, and sculpting classes for everyone.


We offer art classes online and in-person, depending on your availability and preference. It ensures that you, your children, and our instructors are comfortable while we all navigate the new normal. You will still be getting the same promise of top-notch instruction regardless of your chosen format.

Our Program
Art Classes

Our services

Music Class

Are you looking for comprehensive music education? Look no further than the Apollo School of Music and Arts. With our expert instructors with years of expertise skill, Apollo will ensure to provide you with comprehensive lessons. We offer music and art lessons for all ages from toddlers, to seniors.

Art Class

Our art and music teachers are trained to teach students of every age and skill level. We offer top-of-the-line art lessons in various mediums, including drawing, painting, and sculpting. And our effective teaching methods will ensure that you get the most out of our Apollo art services.

Instruments for sale

Pass on the gift of music with used instruments from Apollo School of Music and Arts. Everyone deserves to experience the joy of music, regardless of their financial situation. With our wide selection of instruments for sale, there's something for everyone.

Apollo Music Studio

Apollo School of Music and Arts is proud to offer rehearsals at our world-class venue. Practice is an important step in excellence, and it should be a fun and productive experience for everyone involved. With our state-of-the-art sound system and perfect acoustics, you can ensure your rehearsal will be perfect. See why clients seeking trusted consummates in Apollo Studio.


Online Drawing Contest

By Apollo School of Music and Arts.

If you're looking for a fun and creative way to develop your artistic abilities, consider entering an online drawing contest.


These contests are held on a variety of different platforms, including art websites and social media sites. They can be a great way to gain exposure and hone your skills in music, art, or even piano lessons.

Many contests will have specific requirements regarding the type of artwork you submit, so it's important to do your research ahead of time to make sure you understand all the rules.


But with a little bit of creativity and hard work, you could come out on top in one of these exciting online drawing contests!


Benefits Of Music And Arts In Child's Development


 Develop Motor Skills

Music and arts aids in developing fine and gross motor abilities in children of all ages. When children hear music, they can't help but dance and sing along. These seemingly basic movements serve as a foundation for mobility abilities like bending and hopping.


 Develop And Trust

Early involvement in musical and creative activities can assist in solidifying lifetime links between parents and children; simply just a few minutes each day to dance and sing with your child can create lasting memories.


Help With Speech

Early involvement in musical and creative activities can assist in solidifying lifetime links between parents and children; simply just a few minutes each day to dance and sing with your child can create lasting memories.


Self Expression

Teaching children to control their emotions via music and art is a vital element of their early childhood development. Not only will children learn to express themselves, but they will also learn to look for — and find solace in — music and the arts during stressful times.

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