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Online Drawing Contest

Updated: May 12, 2022

The growing passion of children for arts and music should not be neglected. They have the right to hone their creativity and let their imagination run free for their self-growth. At Apollo School of Music and Arts, we take pride in our art and music classes to help our students strive to be the best they can be, becoming the artists and musicians they aspire to be.

Spring Drawing Contest in Boston

In line with our vision to strive for excellence in creativity, we are hosting a Spring Drawing Contest in Boston and the Greater Boston Area. We believe that through this contest, children will be challenged and determined to use their creativity at its maximum to create an original artwork filled with their love for drawing and thinking outside of the box.

Drawing Topics

The Spring Drawing Contest will be divided into three general topics you can choose from, and the scope of these topics are listed below:

Peace in the World

With the recent news about chaos and the pandemic, our first topic is about having peace in the world. We want to envision a world where everyone lives peacefully, no one is involved in any war or fights, and we are all free to do what we want without hurting anyone. Unleash your creativity with this topic and create an artwork showcasing world peace.

I Draw My Dream

For the second topic, you can draw anything about your dreams. It can be about what you aspire to be, your dream destination, the things you wish to have, or any other aspiration that will make you feel fulfilled and happy. This is the time to become innovative and show us your burning desires in life.

My Childhood

For the final topic, your artwork will be all about your childhood – may it be a happy or a sorrowful one. Showcase how you were raised by your family and the childhood background that molded you into who you are today.

Contest Mechanics

If you desire to join the contest, here are our mechanics to avoid being disqualified and losing the opportunity to showcase your talent and win. You should also be aware that all submitted entries will be copyrighted by Apollo School of Music and Arts. We’ll have the right to use all information about the author and artworks for our organization's communication process.

Format Details

All drawings should be on an A3 sheet of paper, and you can decide to use whatever coloring materials you have. At the back of your work, you must input the following details:

  • Full name

  • Your chosen topic

  • The title of your work

  • School where you’re currently enrolled in

  • Details about your parents (including their full name, phone number, and email address)

Place your artworks inside an envelope with the label: “Apollo’s Drawing Contest #1.” Remember to submit hard copies of your original drawings. Paintings and submissions that are copied or have been used to enter other competitions will not be accepted.

Contest Duration

The duration of this drawing contest will be from March 21, 2022, to April 14, 2022. With this, you can submit your artwork entries within the timeframe. As of the time being, we will be announcing the winner on April 30, 2022.


The contest will be divided into 2 age groups: 4 to 7 years old and 8 to 14 years old, and each age group will have its corresponding winners and awards:

  • First Prize: 4 free art classes at Apollo School of Music and Arts worth $200

  • Second Prize: 2 free art classes at Apollo School of Music and Arts worth $100

  • Consolation Prize which will be determined by the number of likes of the submitted entry on our Facebook page: a set of 145 professional paint colors including pencil, oil wax, watercolor, and a wooden case brush

Contest Submission

All candidates can send their entries to this address:

Apollo School of Music and Arts

11 Ranelegh Rd, Brighton, MA, 02135

Remember that we will only accept original hard copies of your entries; e-copies or photos will not be accepted. Should you have any questions or other concerns, please email us at

Benefits of Drawing For Children

Drawing is one of the few things that comes effortlessly to young children. Whether it's chalk on the sidewalk or colors on printer paper, your youngster is sure to appreciate the process of producing art. Drawing, like other forms of expression like as dancing and storytelling, offers several developmental advantages.

Improves Fine Motor Skills

Any specialized movement of the hands, wrists, and fingers is considered fine motor abilities. You rely on fine motor abilities to type, drive, or even communicate when you're an adult. Your child must acquire excellent fine motor skills early.

Holding and managing writing tools is one of the most effective methods for improving a child's fine motor skills. Drawing produces instant visual input that varies depending on the tool and how your child utilizes it. This input assists your youngster in determining the best strategies to get the desired goal.

Promotes Visual Analysis

Some ideas that you may take for granted, such as length, size comparison, and textural variations, are not yet understood by young toddlers. Drawing is an excellent approach for your youngster to acquire these ideas systematically.

Allowing a youngster to sketch certain elements, particularly in connection to one another, might assist them in performing fundamental visual analysis of ordinary surroundings. Encourage your kid to draw examples of huge and little, rough and smooth, distant and near, and so on to promote this drawing at home.

Improves Individual Self-Esteem

You undoubtedly like hearing the remark, "Look what I made!" as a parent or guardian.

"Your youngster gets confidence when he or she has the chance to make concrete representations of his or her ideas, thoughts, and experiences."

Drawing can increase your child's intrinsic drive, self-worth, and validity. This affirmation will boost their confidence in areas that may not come as effortlessly to them as sketching.

Draw Your Way to Success

At Apollo School of Music and Arts, we are one with your children in motivating them through our art classes to continue doing what they desire to do for their self-growth. We believe that this contest will pave the way for your children to discover their creative side, and we are excited to witness beautiful artworks made by passionate students.

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