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Music and Art Lessons in Boston

We stand for creativity

We are music and art instructors. Of course, we value creativity above all else. While we love talent, ability, technique, and fundamentals, we understand that these are not the only creativity metrics. At Apollo, we encourage every learner to learn best and approach problems how they see fit.We believe that critical thinking and confidence in your decisions and yourself is a large factor in creativity.  We aim to be the institution that nurtures your child's talent and mold it, not sully it by forcing doctrine that tries to dictate what creativity is.

We value expertise

Our learner's education and training are paramount. That's why we employ only the best of the best that Boston can offer. Our instructors at Apollo are graduates of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, whose quality rivals Julliard. Combined, our instructors have the educational prestige that rivals all music schools in Boston. We make sure that the people who teach at Apollo are equipped with a passion for music and teaching. It is not something we just do, nor is it just a job. Teaching music to those who want to learn and improve is our calling.

We value our community

The Apollo School of Music and Arts is based in Brighton, Boston, and we value the community we reside in. We aim to spread the love for music and arts to the community that surrounds us. Not only that, we want to help Boston learners who don't quite have the equipment they need to reach their full potential.That's why Apollo gives back to its community.The profit from our concerts, recitals and other shows goes to helping Boston learners who lack or have limited educational resources. We aim to provide every Boston child a fair start and equal opportunity as their peers in any way we can.

We stand for equality

Our utmost belief is that the arts are meant for every human being. We believe that we all have something to offer, something we're passionate about, and our unique brand of creativity. That's why at Apollo, we welcome all learners from every walk of life, age, skill level, or passion. We also believe that a diverse pool of students can help bring out the best of each learner by sharing experiences and each other's uniqueness.At Apollo music store, we offer second-hand instruments for students with a low budget. we want to open opportunities for people to learn music without costing a fortune.

The Apollo School of Music and Arts in Boston is a great place to learn about music and the arts. The school offers classes for all ages, from young children to adults. There are also a variety of different styles of classes available, so there is something for everyone. 

Our goal is to provide a secure environment for people to express themselves creatively. We want to encourage young, creative brains in Boston and worldwide.

The Apollo School of Music and Arts is one of the best schools in Boston. Students of all ages are encouraged to express themselves in a safe and loving setting.

Unlike other music and art schools, we accommodate students of all ages, from toddlers to the elderly. We make certain that every student's needs are met. Our mission is to make our students happy, from low-cost equipment to cutting-edge facilities.

We also offer a complete lesson plan that is beneficial to students of all levels. Our mission is to make studying enjoyable for everyone and assist them in discovering and developing their skills.

Students of all ages are invited to learn to play instruments, sing and polish their creative abilities. Our staff guarantees that our students get the most out of our program and that no pupils are left behind.

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