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The Apollo School of Music and Arts aspires to ignite and foster each student's artistic passion.


Everyone can take drawing, painting, or sculpting classes here. Our art educators are prepared to teach students of every age and skill level through top-of-the-line art lessons that adopt tried-and-true teaching methods. 


Looking to explore your creativity? Or maybe you want to find a new hobby? We studio offers art classes for people of all ages and levels of experience. Our instructors are passionate about art and sharing their knowledge, so you're sure to learn something new in every class.


We have a variety of courses available, from beginner drawing lessons to more advanced painting courses. No matter your skill level, we'll help you take your art to the next level. And who knows - you might just discover a hidden talent!


We have drawing lessons that aim to teach people —  especially kids —  to be confident in voicing their ideas through creativity, collaborating with their peers, and communicating through art. 


Our painting lessons at Apollo are meant to further the student's existing skills by offering a more diverse variety of canvases, tools, and equipment for them to explore. 


The sculpting classes in Apollo teach learners the basics of sculpting, and it also hopes to foster the idea that making mistakes is beneficial as long as we learn from it. 


At Apollo, we are firm believers of the capability of art to improve the world around us. That's why one of the projects we have in our art classes is to upcycle waste material and turn it into a highly aesthetic product that learners can be proud of.


Our art classes are grouped by age so that students can feel more comfortable around them. As long as learners are around peers with whom they are more relaxed, they will be more courageous in their art and more open to making mistakes and learning from them. 


Our music lessons are bracketed into age groups, where students can feel at ease with those around them. Each class also focuses on the needs of their respective age groups, so you know that they are properly armed with the knowledge and fundamentals needed to progress.

So what are you waiting for? Come join us at Apollo School of Music & Arts and let your creativity flow.


About Us

Our objective is to establish a musical and artistic organization that encourages innovation and inspires the creative minds of future not only in Boston, but across the world.

The Apollo School of Music and Arts is one of Boston's premier institutions, allowing students to freely explore the worlds of music and arts in a secure and supportive setting.


While most schools attend to the requirements of young learners, the Apollo School of Music and Arts caters to people of all ages.

Not only that, but the Apollo School of Music and Arts is a place where beginners can learn the ropes and specialists can rehearse and develop their abilities.

Benefits Of Art Classes For Kids

While science, arithmetic, and reading are crucial for a child's growth, art is equally significant; it is a major element of cognitive development. However, as children grow older, their capacity for creative expression decreases if they are not provided with the necessary support.


So, enrolling your children in art classes is one excellent way to foster a lifelong passion for the arts. In line with this, you'll be shocked to learn that these classes provide much more than an outlet for creativity and play.

Read our 7 Benefits Of Art Classes For Kids To  Learn More

Colorful Abstract Painting

There are also class options to help all of us adapt to the new normal. The Apollo School of Music and Arts offers the choice of either in-person or online classes. Rest assured that you will be given the same top-quality lessons with expert instructors no matter what you choose.

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