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The Apollo School of Music and Arts Winter Program

Updated: May 13, 2022

Apollo School of Music and Arts announced its annual Winter Program to have collective activities about music and arts for kids.

Creating a musical and artistic community that inspires and nurtures the next generation of creative thinkers has long been a goal of theirs, not only in Boston but across the globe. Furthermore, it is one of the best music and arts facilities for students in Boston, making it the best place for students to pursue their interests.

Nonetheless, the Apollo School of Music and Arts believes that music and art lessons should be accessible to people of all ages. Thus, they proudly serve students of all levels, from absolute beginners to veterans.

Why Arts and Music are Critical for The Youth?

Undoubtedly, arts and music are essential for the development of our younger generations. Whether in the classroom or out in the community, it has enormous benefits for children. On top of that, kids exposed to art and music have more than just a creative outlet; they also benefit their mental, emotional, and educational development.

Additionally, it can boost children's brainpower by exposing them to music. Learning to read and do the math and emotional development are aided by listening to music. So, it is best to consider music as an integral part of your child's education rather than an extracurricular activity.

While students who participate in the arts are more likely to succeed academically than those who don't participate, it encourages students to stay in school, boosts their motivation, improves their attitudes and attendance, and helps increase their academic results.

Moreover, children's critical thinking abilities are honed through art education. Visual-spatial skills are developed through drawing, sculpting, and painting. Kids learn how to interpret and use visual information through this activity.

About the Program:

The kids will rotate through all arts, and music sessions from 9 am to 3 pm on February 22-25. They'll learn to sing, play guitar and piano, and they will also have the chance to paint with acrylics on canvas or other surfaces. A healthy lunch and snacks will also be provided as a token of appreciation for your children's time and effort.

Fun-filled Quality Time Together!

Are you trying to contemplate what to do with your kids during the winter break while you're at work? The idea of encouraging them to take a break from numbers and alphabets in favor of beautiful melodies and colors is a good one.

Thus, let the Winter Apollo Program fill their day with music, art, and good times at Apollo School of Music and Arts!

For further information about this exceptional program, you may email them at ​, or you may call or text them at +1 (857) 294-6162

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