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Apollo School of Music And Arts Rescues Halloween With Virtual Kid's Concert

On October 31 at 6pm, Apollo School of Music and Arts will hold a virtual Halloween performance for children conducted by its musical teachers and special guests. The online event will include Halloween-themed singing and dancing through Zoom.

Due to the present COVID-19 danger, the City of Boston has advised residents to avoid door-to-door trick-or-treating. Parents throughout the city are forced to question if going door to door is the wisest course of action.

Hence, Apollo School of Music and Arts' mission is to assist parents of children ages 0-6 by offering an accessible online alternative.

Apollo School Of Music and Arts: Building Bridges Toward Music

The Apollo School of Music and Arts is located in Brighton, Massachusetts, and it cherishes its community. Additionally, it seeks to instill a passion for music and the arts among the surrounding community.

Furthermore, the company wishes to assist Boston students who lack the necessary tools to achieve their full potential. As a result, Apollo continues to contribute to its community.

Profits from the organization's concerts, recitals, and other performances benefit Boston students who lack or have restricted educational resources. Its mission is to ensure that every Boston kid has a fair start and the same opportunities as their classmates in every manner possible.

Above all things, the team appreciates originality. While they value skill, ability, technique, and basics, they are aware that these are not the sole measures of originality.

At Apollo, they encourage each student to maximize their potential and tackle challenges in their unique way. The team thinks that critical thinking and self-confidence have a significant role in creativity. They now want to be the institution that nourishes and molds each child's gift, rather than sullying it through the imposition of dogma that attempts to define what creativity is.

Halloween Concert Amids Challenging Time

The concert will include performances by the (name of the group); thus, kids and their parents can anticipate an enjoyable show despite the pandemic. Additionally, the performance serves to amplify the company's demand for (purpose of the concert).

The Zoom format has provided a feeling of connection and normality for its worldwide audience of families throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The performance is a manifestation of their unwavering conviction that the arts are for every single human being. They think that everyone has something to contribute, something about which they are enthusiastic. Plus, they claimed that everyone creates a brand of creativity. As a result, Apollo invites learners in Boston from all walks of life, regardless of age, skill level, or interest.

"We also believe that a diverse pool of students can help bring out the best of each learner by sharing experiences and each other's uniqueness," according to Apollo.

The event will be hosted by (host's name) and will include excerpts from (name of the organizer). Children in Boston are encouraged to learn while having fun at this program, which will help them develop a greater music appreciation.

You may send your queries to Apollo School of Music and Arts (social media accounts or contact information) for more information about the concert or go to their website.

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