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6 Reasons Why People Love To Play Violin

Updated: May 10, 2022

Do you always have the thought of wanting to learn how to play the violin? Music classes for violin is a great way for people of all ages and musical backgrounds to express themselves.

Besides that, music classes for kids are also an excellent way to develop their creativity while learning about music. Furthermore, adults can have these music classes in Boston to further explore their love for music or the violin. So, what makes playing the violin loved by many people?

Playing the violin is not only fun, but it's also rewarding! You will be able to share your love of music with others by playing songs at family gatherings or parties. Plus, many benefits are associated with playing an instrument, including improved memory skills and increased brain activity. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Versatility

Many have loved the violin since it has been in various cultures of various genres, from Mozart to Vivaldi to Dvorak. Even rock music has incorporated electric violins into their mix, making them versatile.

The violin can be played solo, in chamber music, or in an orchestra. Also, the violin's sound can blend into electronic to indie folk music styles. Lastly, this is a great instrument for performing on the streets and busking world travelers.

2. Portability

Although transporting musical instruments has many concerns for unexpected jarring and temperature fluctuations, the violin's compact size makes it easy to be protected. The violin is portable, and many airlines around the globe let violinists carry their instruments into the plane without playing for an extra seat.

3. Voices

Compared to other instruments, violins fit into different voices depending on how the musician manipulates them. This varies from the fiddle shuffles and double-strops to the clearest notes of show tunes and airy and magical harmonics. Also, don't forget the vibrato's different styles, including staccato and glissando. All techniques create their voice with a given musical piece.

4. Feeling

Violins can bring about a feeling that can strike many people with the upright posture needed when one is standing or sitting. The feeling that the strings can exude on one's finger can make the violinist feel the instrument's life pulse while the arm pushes and dragging the bow back and forth can let you feel its energetic flow.

Also, the vibration traveling through the instrument from the chin to your finger can seemingly get to your heart.

5. Sound

The violin doesn't come with keys and fretboards, so you may not instantly know when your fingers are in the right place. So, your listening ability will be the ones who can tell if the sound you are making is correct or not. For this reason, this makes it challenging to recognize notes. However, someday, you may be able to play it by ear.

Something about the sound can make the violinist's and audience's hearts soar. The bow's sound on the strings creates the perfect medium for emotional expressions when played well.

6. Body coordination

Playing the violin comes with a physically demanding feat. While different instruments come with their challenges, violin music classes require proper instruction and body position to produce a sound.

In fact, it is important to take note that there are several factors to keep in mind while learning how to play. Some of them included the hand's grip on the bow, the position of the fingers on the strings, and neck placement. Indeed, it is a valuable skill worth having.

The Advantages of Teaching Children to Play the Violin

When practicing or performing, children can officially irritate friends and relatives without consequence! Other than that, no! The physical, mental, and social benefits of playing a musical instrument are widely established, and the Violin provides the same benefits:

  • Memory and attention span have been enhanced.

  • Cognitive sensory development

  • Outstanding social skills and inclusion

  • improved mental health and function

The Advantages of Adolescents Playing the Violin

Even if you don't start young, anyone of any age can learn to play the violin. Indeed, many teenagers seek to develop their talents and strengthen their college applications by participating in a range of extracurricular activities. And this is why:

  • Emotional release from the rigors and demands of school

  • Breathing, posture, and other physical improvements

  • Social participation and a sense of belonging; teamwork

  • Advancement of college/university applications

The Advantages of Adults Playing the Violin

It is never too late to begin learning to play an instrument. Adults who want to learn the Violin enjoy additional benefits and the mental and physical advantages of playing the Violin.

  • Stress and anxiety levels have been reduced.

  • Returning to performance later in life; a new, optimistic approach

  • Proven brain stimulation and prevention of early neuron degeneration

Start Learning How to Play the Violin Now!

Violins are a popular and well-loved instrument. They date back from their history in classical music up to their present popularity. Also, you have learned why people love playing the instrument. While its portability and the feeling are the main reasons why people keep playing it, you will surely find yours when you start learning to play it as well. I hope you have the best time practicing it!


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