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8 Incredible Drawing Ideas for Your Kids

Updated: May 10, 2022

Children's curiosity about exploring new things and seeing what their hands can make increases as they get older. Drawing is a simple activity that can help kids improve their perception and enhance their sketching skills. It also encourages children's creativity, visual analysis, and other skills while keeping them entertained at the same time.

If you're looking for some fun and creative sketching ideas for kids, you've come to the right place.

The Importance of Drawing for Kids

Children often draw whatever comes to their minds before learning reading and writing. They use drawing as a means of communication and expression. There are numerous reasons to encourage your kids to sketch:

1. Through their drawings, children learn how to communicate effectively.

2. It strengthens a child's self-esteem, increases focus, and stimulates the imagination.

3. They improve their muscle control which will be a good foundation in writing.

4. Drawing can also be a good way for parents, siblings, and younger kids to bond.

5. Art classes can help to prevent bad social behavior.

6. Drawing can also assist a youngster in managing or shifting their mood.

7. Art classes are aided by children's motor coordination, English proficiency, communication skills, judgment, risk-taking, and creativity.

8. Drawing helps teach the child's eye to notice what is truly there rather than what you think is there.

9. Making brief drawings is a great method to get your head and hands ready for any form of art-making.

Five Quick Drawing Ideas

Starting with the fundamentals of drawing is the best method to inspire children to draw. Markers, crayons, colored pencils, use what you've got! When you combine paper with a child, you will surely have a work of art after.

1. Make Them Trace Their Hands

Kids enjoy the sensation of tracing hands with a pencil. It is also appealing because it is an activity that is centered on their own body. They love to concentrate on themselves!

2. Let Them Draw In One Color

Limiting an art assignment to a particular color eases much stress for kids. This also helps them focus on the process rather than the outcome.

3. Ask Them to Draw Basic Shapes

Let them draw simple circles, rectangles, hearts, diamonds, and triangles. Then, you can try making them draw stick figures like trees, feet, and birds. Guide them by giving them step-by-step drawing instructions.

4. Let Them Try To Sketch What They See

Drawing what they observe every day is another activity to try with youngsters. Below are the following things they can try to illustrate:

  • Vegetables and fruits such as bananas and oranges

  • Family members such as mother and brother

  • Playmates and teacher

  • Animals, especially their pets

  • Their environment such as clouds, ponds, moon

  • Structures like churches, schools, houses

  • Everyday items they use such as spoon, paper, shoes

5. Tell Them to Draw Their Favorites

Another fresh drawing idea would be drawing their favorite person or character. Here's a list of things they can draw:

1. Superheroes such as Superman, Ironman, Spiderman, or have kids design and name their own superheroes.

2. PowerPuff Girls, Pikachu, Mickey Mouse, and more popular cartoon characters.

3. Doctor, astronaut, basketball player, firefighter, teacher, businessman, and other professions.

4. Draw someone they know, such as a family member or a friend.

Anticipate that a child will not be able to sketch perfectly. Don't make fun of or criticize what they create. Encourage them to try new things. This will build their confidence and make them feel better about themselves.

6. Doodle

Try this creative doodle art if you're searching for a really simple drawing activity that will also keep your tiny painters occupied for hours. Use a strong black marker to make a single-line scribble/swirl, then fill each naturally produced shape with various colors, textures, or designs.

7. Drawing of a Beautiful Corpse Group

Don't be put off by the grim name of this iconic drawing activity; it's completely suitable (and really pleasant) for children. You may start this group drawing by printing a template, but folding a plain piece of paper also works. Encourage them to go beyond the box on this one in order to create some very unexpected characters.

8. Colorful Scratch Art

Kids may make creative scratch art using simply ordinary crayons. This exercise requires a sturdy sheet of drawing paper that can withstand two layers of crayons and a scratched-in design. You can use a stick to scratch out your design!

To Sum It Up

There you have it! You now have many innovative drawing ideas that you may present to kids. When handing these out, remember to be gentle and patient.

Since each child is unique, take some time to experiment with them. Perhaps they haven't yet discovered the ideal drawing tool, or perhaps drawing isn't something they particularly love. So don't worry about it. Just let them have a good time!


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